Last Colorado POst

One of the things we were hoping for was to see a lot of stars, including the Milky Way since there is almost no light pollution. On Monday night we got our wish. The sky was clear as we looked up through the Lodgepole Pines.

One of the things I wanted to try in these conditions was some astrophotography. I was happy with my initial efforts.

Here are several shots using different angles. The first may have caught a meteor as the faint streak on the left doesn’t have any color which would show from a passenger jet.

Here is the same shot with a passenger jet passing over during the exposure. You can see the red and green navigation lights in the light streak…

My last photo has a back story. On Tuesday morning, Betty, Bob, Molly and I went for a hike and had a great time. As we returned to our Mule vehicle, Betty slipped on some loose dirt and gravel.

As she fell, she twisted her ankle and it seemed like a pretty good sprain. We did the prescribed RICE treatment – Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation. However, by the next morning, Wednesday, it wasn’t any better. She decided we needed to return home to have it looked at to be sure there wasn’t anything else going on in her ankle.

It was a hard decision as we were having a great time and the ranch was beautiful.

We returned home and were fortunate to get an appointment at our local Urgent Care that same afternoon. After some X-rays, the doctor said she had a broken ankle.

They put a splint on it and encouraged us to go to an orthopedic specialist as soon as possible. They would decide if she needed a cast or, worse case, need surgery.

Again, we were fortunate to get an appointment the next afternoon. The good news is no surgery is required and they put her in a boot and not a cast.

The bad news is she can’t put any pressure on her injured ankle for three weeks which means no walking for three weeks.

Today, Friday, insurance approved and we received a knee walker so Betty can get around without putting any pressure on her ankle.

Not the ending we wanted for our trip, but we’re still trusting that God is in control and there’s a purpose for what she is going through.

One Comment on “Last Colorado POst

  1. Beautiful images of the night sky…we missed you both, though I will say the first couple of days were the most beautiful weather wise. See you soon.


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