Riding The Space Mountain Of Life

About 40 years ago, Betty and I took the boys to Disney World. We lucked out and arrived the Monday after the July 4th weekend. What we found out later is many people go that weekend but leave on that Monday since it’s a holiday. Others usually don’t start arriving until later that week. So, we never waited in a line for anything Monday, Tuesday and most of Wednesday. It was great.

The first ride we wanted to ride together was Space Mountain. It’s basically an indoor roller coaster but I didn’t know that. Today, the Space Mountain ride has all kinds of lights throughout the ride. Back then, you were riding a wild roller coaster ride in the dark. Here’s a picture of the original Space Mountain ride with the inside lights on.

Those lights were all off during our ride. You couldn’t see anything coming so every turn and drop was unexpected and a surprise. At the end of the ride, the kids loved it. Not so much for Betty and me.

So what does that have to do with life? Looking back at my life, it’s been a lot like that Space Mountain roller coaster in the dark.

Our life has had a lot of unexpected turns and drops. Accidents, illnesses, loss of loved ones – even broken ankles. We didn’t see any of those coming.

The good thing in the Space Mountain ride is the designer and operator knew the ride and designed it to be safe, at least we hoped so. That gave us a little confidence, but just a little.

The designer and operator of our life, God, knows what’s coming and as long as we keep our confidence in his leading, we’ll be OK. Unexpected things may still come that are not comfortable, even painful, but we can trust in our designer to be with us through the roller coaster ride of our life. That gives us a lot of confidence as we face the upcoming days, some that may be dark.

2 Comments on “Riding The Space Mountain Of Life

  1. Excellent analogy though sometimes I wish He would give us a little warning of what is coming. I wonder if at times He does; that small voice in our head that sometimes we heed and other times ignore.
    I’m with you-I’m not a fan of roller coasters. Our family went to Disney Land the first year we lived in California (1964).

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