Time To Decide

(I apologize up front for such a long post, but it’s necessary if I’m going to be clear.) Betty and I will vote Tuesday and I have been thinking about this election a lot. The most important thing is what our pastor said a couple of weeks ago, “This election is important, but we are not electing a savior. That job is already taken by the only one who can save us.” We’re voting for a leader, someone who will lead us into the future for the next four years.

So, what criteria am I using to decide my vote? First, what I won’t use. I won’t vote for a political party. Political parties don’t lead, people do. Second, I won’t vote for a person because I like his personality or vote against a person because I don’t like his personality. I believe that is a very shallow reason to vote for or against someone.

So, what makes a difference for me? It comes down to their record and achievements, or lack of record and achievements.

President Trump took actions that brought our economy back from the stagnation of the previous 8 years. This resulted in lowering unemployment, especially for minorities. Before the virus hit, unemployment for blacks and hispanics were at all time lows. In fact, recent reports show the economic growth exceeding all time records. The Council on Economic Advisors just released this report: “In the first 3 years of the Trump Administration, the United States economy experienced a reversal of several trends previously underway during the prior expansion. In the 7.5 years through 2016, the United States economy experienced a historically weak economic recovery, rising inequality, and increased, though slowly falling, poverty. In contrast, in the 3 years before the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, Americans experienced unprecedented gains in personal income and wealth, as pro-growth policies raised living standards while ameliorating the gap in wealth inequality for the first time since 1992. These gains disproportionately benefited historically disadvantaged groups that experienced relatively weaker growth in the 2009-16 expansion period. This is marked by the fact that in the first 3 years of the Trump Administration, the typical family’s real income surged by over $6,000—to the highest level on record—and real wages of the lowest earners (10th percentile) grew twice as fast as those of the highest earners (90th percentile).“Even though decisions have been made, mostly by local governments, that have hurt the economy, his record indicates he is the best person to help the economy recover.

President Trump has made it clear he loves America and he believes his first duty as President is to protect us and do all he can to keep the government from being an obstacle to our economy. Besides making decisions that are helping the economy, those same decisions are bringing manufacturing jobs back to America where they belong.

To protect our country, he has stood firm against nations that want to destroy us, particularly Iran and China. Anyone who believes Iran and China can be trusted or believes Iran and China don’t want to do all they can to destroy us is not looking at what they do and what they say. It’s a truism that it’s more important for America to be respected than to be liked. President Trump embodies that truism is his words and decisions. He has negotiated agreements between Israel and at least three middle-east states. This has not been accomplished by any administration in decades.

He has stood firmly on the side of religious freedom which has been attacked more and more over the past decade.

He is a wealthy man through a lifetime of business decisions that has resulted in providing employment for thousands of people. Yet, he does not take a salary as president and there’s no doubt in my mind that his responsibilities and challenges as president have taken much of his time away from his business opportunities. He seems to put America first before his own abilities to increase his wealth.

In short, I believe he has taken seriously his vow to protect and defend the Constitution. Our rights, which come from our Creator not government, are embedded in that document. Without that Constitution, we’re at the whim of whomever is in power.

President Trump has made tough decisions designed to help America despite ongoing opposition from House Democrats and the media. He has a vision of America’s greatness and is willing to fight for it.

Looking at Vice President Biden’s record over the last 40 plus years, I don’t see anything that gives me confidence that he is the better choice to lead our country. Several government officials who have worked with him have said he has been wrong on almost every major decision he faced in his career. He and President Obama gave billions of our tax dollars to Iran in the vain hope to “achieve peace in our time.” Appeasement never works and all he did was give our number one enemy our tax dollars to continue their war against the West.

I am troubled by Biden’s refusal to speak against the terrorism in our major cities that has led to major destruction, loss of economic opportunities, businesses closing down, and many injuries and deaths.

I am troubled by his qualifications for a VP pick. All he said was it had to be a woman and a woman of color. Nothing was said of other qualifications that would be important. I know little about Kamala Harris. She is a woman of color. Is she qualified to be president? All I know is in the primaries she garnered only about 2% approval from her own Democratic party to be a presidential candidate. Biden seems to be more concerned about lumping people into categories according to their race rather than the content of their character or their qualifications to be president if needed.

He and his VP pick are on record for more government control of our lives, more taxation of our dollars and support for ‘green new deals’ that would destroy our energy independence and wreck our economy.

I have also been troubled about the recent disclosures concerning his involvement with his son Hunter and Hunter’s financial relationship with a Ukraine energy company, Burisma. Reportedly, his son was hired to the Burisma board for $50,000/month even though he had no business or energy experience pertinent to their business operations. Biden is on record in a TV interview that as VP, he told the Ukraine government to fire a prosecutor who was looking into corruption at Burisma. He boasted that he told them if they didn’t fire the prosecutor immediately, he would stop US aid payments to Ukraine. More details are coming out as I write this and I’ll wait to see what’s verified. I’m troubled enough by what is known so far, particularly Biden’s boasting about pressuring a foreign government to stop their internal investigation. Recent reports indicate a possible conflict with China as well for Biden and his family.

Biden has been carried along by a supportive media rather than being asked hard questions about who he is and what he believes.

Net, I have seen little in Biden’s record that gives me any confidence he would be the right person to lead our country forward, to help it recover, to help it continue to grow, and to stand strong in an increasingly dangerous world.

I found this recently and it expresses what I think is important for a president for our future:

I will vote for President Trump because I believe he has shown by his record that he fits those three things far better than Joe Biden ever could.

I know there are others who may disagree with what I have said, and that’s fine. America is supposed to be a country where we can freely express our political opinions and still find a common ground to remain friends and family, respectful of each other. I truly believe in that.

Yet, no matter who wins, he will be my president. Whether it’s President Trump or President Biden, I will respect the office and I will pray for the man who fills that office. That’s God’s command in his Word and I want to be obedient to his commands.

3 Comments on “Time To Decide

  1. Dan & Betty – thank you. You have captured the essence of our election’s processes & our individual privileges in this process. I have friends and family members on both sides. I too don’t want these relationships damaged based on the results of this very important election – we all need to come together & share thoughts & solutions & help guide this wonderful country towards ongoing solutions to real & perceived resolutions. That can only happen if we work together & elect individuals who actually can help achieve the betterment of America! One other item I will mention about Trump, having worked in goverment contracting for over 30 years – his ability to cut through government red tape & actually facilitate industry & government working together as a team vs goverment imposed issues & such that cause significant delays & cost impacts to important programs that impact everyone is absolutely amazing!!!

    God bless America & the freedoms we enjoy!!

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