We Voted!

We got ourselves prepared to go vote this morning. We waited until about 8:15 AM to leave to let the early morning, working folks finish their voting.

We expected to have to wait in line to vote so we made ourselves ready. It was mid-40s temperature so we bundled up. Betty had her walker and I even brought a folding chair that she could sit in while we waited to ease the pressure on her recovering ankle. It still gets sore when she’s on it for any length of time. And, we were mentally prepared.

There are two locations to vote in Corrales – the Recreation Center and the gym of a Seventh Day Adventist academy. We went to the school first since it was the closest to us. If the line looked too long we would drive to the Recreation Center to check it out.

We got to the school and found a parking place close to the gym entrance and no line outside so that was promising. When we walked in there were two clerks just sitting there with no one waiting.

We checked in, got our ballots, voted, handed them in and were out in less than 15 minutes. What a blessing, especially for Betty and her ankle.

Sorry Bob and Molly.

2 Comments on “We Voted!

  1. Glad it was so easy. Maybe because so many stood in line to vote early. The polling site for our precinct had no line mid morning. I’ve always voted early as until this election I’ve always worked the polls.

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