Travel Dreams

I was in the back with Jessie a couple of days ago and saw this jet heading West into the sunset. As beautiful a sight as it was, it also prompted a feeling of sadness.

One of the things that the virus has impacted for us is our ability to travel. We had to cancel a cruise last May with Betty’s sister. We were going Denmark, Finland and St. Petersburg among other places. We haven’t traveled at all during the summer.

It’s also hard knowing we won’t travel for Thanksgiving or Christmas. We have always gone to Tennessee, Kentucky and Ohio for Christmas to visit family, but that won’t happen this year.

Finally, we had hoped to make a trip back to Hawaii this next May, but that looks as if that won’t be possible.

So, as I watched those folks traveling into the setting sun, I felt a little sad.

3 Comments on “Travel Dreams

  1. I walked this morning and saw two the trails of two planes cross high in the sky. My thoughts went the same way yours did. No California to vist family, no Hawaii for our 50th, and no wildflowers in the Smokey’s. So sad!

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  2. It is truly getting hard, especially on the girls. Everything seems to have had to been cancelled or hope for the future date.

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