Good News SUnday

It’s odd to say that a positive COVID test is good news, but that’s true for me.

A week ago today, I started to come down with a head cold. Monday morning, we heard that one of our pastors at church had tested positive for COVID and all he had was a cold. So, to be safe, I decided to schedule a test for Tuesday morning.

I got the result early Friday morning, New Year’s Day, and it was positive. By then I was feeling much better and I’m almost completely well as I write this on Saturday, just a little tired.

I never had any of the concerning symptoms – no fever, no dry cough, no breathing difficulties, no sore throat, no flu-like aches and pains, and, thank God, no loss of taste or smell. I would hate that as Betty is such a good cook.

Betty has felt fine all this time, but she’s getting tested this morning just to be sure.

So, my New Year’s resolution is to give thanks to God that at 75 years of age, my COVID symptoms were very minor.

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