Covid Update

I’m still in the isolation period from my positive test result. Theoretically, I will be out of isolation after today, but I plan to be careful as I still have some cold symptoms. Worst of all, I’ve lost a good part of my senses of taste and smell. Betty made my favorite tortilla pizza yesterday for lunch that included lots of pepperoni, onions, and green chile. I could hardly taste anything.

Betty is still waiting for the result of her test last Sunday, but she’s starting to come down with cold symptoms that seem very similar to what I experienced a week ago. Fortunately, she doesn’t have a fever and her breathing is fine so we’re hopeful it won’t be any worse than what I experienced.

Again, we’re blessed that our symptoms have not been any worse given our age.

6 Comments on “Covid Update

  1. Let me know if you need anything at all! I can leave items at your front door. Do have a few cans of Campbell’s chicken soup! Can drop by?

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  2. Oh no! Can you sense bacon? I am so sorry Betty is getting symptoms like yours. Some people I know lost sense of taste and then it came back. Unfortunately Emily’s senses are still not fully recovered. Praying for you both.

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  3. Glad things seem stable at this point. We are being more cautious these days but not paranoid. You continue to be in our prayers

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