In Seasons of Uncertainty

For many this is a season of uncertainty. Will their business survive the virus and government decisions? Will their jobs return? Will their kids be able to catch up with what they have lost during school shutdowns? Will the vaccine really help? And on and on and on.

There are some certain things. We will still have to pay taxes. All of us will die. Most important, God is still sovereign and we can always trust that. Maybe this prayer might be a help in your uncertainty…

In the midst of whatever follows, O Lord,
let me meet your mercies anew,
and anew, and anew.
In the midst of my dismay, fix my eyes again
and again upon your eternal promises.
How this ends—that is up to you.
If the next news is favorable, I will
praise you for the ongoing gift of life.
If tomorrow’s tidings are worse, still
will I proclaim your goodness, my
heart anchored ever more firmly in the
eternal joys you have set before me.
And when, whether days or decades from
now, you finally bid me rise and follow you
across the last valley, I will rejoice
in your faithfulness even there.
Especially there—
praying Thy will be done,
and trusting by faith that it will be done.
That it is being done. Even now.
Even in this disquiet.
I am utterly yours, O Christ.
In the midst of this uncertainty,
I abandon myself again to you, the author
and the object of all my truest hopes.


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