One Point In History

It’s Easter Saturday and Jesus’ body is in the tomb.

All of history has come down to this one point. Beginning tomorrow when Jesus is alive from the tomb, history will take a new track.

God has been present throughout all of history, but his plan was focused on this one point. From this point on, God’s plan will be expanded by what Jesus did on the cross yesterday when he paid the price, the ransom for all our sins. From this point on, we all have access to God by accepting the grace, the gift that Jesus gave to us.

A good illustration of this point in time and the change it created and offers is represented by a prism.

The single beam of light represents pre-cross history. God had a plan before the cross, but he exercised that plan through select people.

The prism represents Jesus’ sacrifice for us on the cross. The prism has now transformed that single beam of light into a rainbow of all the visible colors.

The expansion of the light into a rainbow represents the fact that all men and women can now have access to God by believing in and accepting Jesus as Savior and Lord. From this point on, God has an ever growing number of people to work out his plan for his kingdom on earth and ultimately in heaven.

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