Juanita Ernestine Beasley

To her birth family and friends, she was Ernestine. To our family she married into, she was Nita or Grandmother.

She was born, April 27, 1926 into a farm family in Franklin, Tennessee. She grew up during the depression and World War II. She knew the meaning of hard work, being honest and outspoken (and she was), and being true to your word.

Betty’s birth mother died when Betty was 20. On September 30, 1967, Nita married William (Bill) Edward Wade, Betty’s father, just three months after Betty and I married. For many years they enjoyed traveling around the world.

After Bill died April 30, 1991, Nita became the hub of our family. Betty and I visited her every summer and many of the family gathered at her Franklin condominium each Christmas where we enjoyed country ham, biscuits and cheese grits each Christmas morning.

Nita died last Saturday, July 17, 2021 at the age of 95. She had suffered a major stroke two weeks before. Betty’s sister, Margie, was with her when she died, holding her hand, and it was a peaceful passing. Knowing she was a believer, we know where she is, enjoying her new life and reunited with her loved ones.

Ernestine Juanita Beasley is being laid to rest today next to her family.

We all will miss her.

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