Good News Wednesday

Running has always been something that never appealed to me, even when I played sports when younger. Now, walking with Jessie is the limit of my speed.

Yet, it’s great when you see someone take on a running challenge such as the New York Marathon. One of those racers this year, however, was an emotional support duck named Wrinkle.

Wrinkle was the center of attention as she waddle-ran down NYC streets during the 50th running of the race on November 7th. Particularly of interest were the little red shoes on Wrinkle’s feet. Her owners made the booties out of scuba-gear-like material that is soft, easy to clean, and waterproof to protect the duck’s feet from bumblefoot, a bacterial infection caused by running on rough ground. If you look close, you’ll see that some of the clips are shown twice, but it’s still fun to see Wrinkle run with her person in the yellow jersey…

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