Goats At Work

A couple of days ago, I was walking Jessie around our neighborhood. I passed a couple walking a dog and they told me, “You won’t believe what you’ll pass up ahead. There are probably 100 goats working in a yard.” When they said that I thought of our good friend, Max Wade, who has that as a business – ‘Galloping Goats.’ They hire out to individuals, companies and governmental entities to have their goats clean out areas. It’s effective and completely environmental.

Sure enough, I walked Jessie to that house and there were the goats – actually about 75, not 100. Max wasn’t there, but his daughter Claire and her friend Riley were in charge of the goats. We’ve known Claire since she was a little girl working at Max’s ranch when he ran Galloping Grace Youth Ranch. Now, she’s a beautiful young, married woman.

When I got home, I told Betty about it, and she stopped on her way to Care Net to say hello to Claire. She took this picture – Claire in on the left, Riley on the right, their herding dog, Cue at the bottom right, and the goats working in the background…

2 Comments on “Goats At Work

  1. Wondering if you are connected to my husband’s family? Where are your family roots?


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