Veterans Day

Men and women who serve us and our country in the military make many sacrifices. The greatest sacrifice is to give one’s life in that service. After that, I believe many veterans would say a difficult sacrifice was to be away from family, wives and children.

I spent four years in the Navy, and I have never regretted that decision. However, I was gone from Betty, Wade Daniel and later, Chris, for over two years of that time in various deployments, some long and some short.

The real veterans who deserve our recognition are all the wives who maintained the home and family while we were gone. For that, I am always grateful for Betty and what she did during that time of our lives.

This picture was taken during a Christmas leave just before we left for our second Vietnam tour.

3 Comments on “Veterans Day

  1. Thank you Betty!
    Thank you Dan!
    Your service ; our freedom and all of us praying in JESUS CHRIST NAME!


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