More Memories

I’m a big rodeo fan. Rodeo is a uniquely American and very patriotic event. Most of the participants are also strong Christians.

Quite a few years ago I was able to get a photographer’s pass to shoot some pictures at a rodeo that came to town. It was great fun to be able to be behind the chutes and up close with the participants, rodeo clowns, and pick-up men.

Young men and women dedicated not only to a sport, but to a lifestyle they want to preserve for their children and grandchildren.

This gentleman as a rodeo clown looks as if he has put a lot of miles on his face.

Bull riders are both brave and crazy. This rider has his hand hung up in his rope and, if you look closely, his jeans on his left leg are torn, probably by the bull’s hoof.

The pick-up men are excellent riders and very good with their ropes. It’s their job to protect the participants and they do a great job.

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