I’m Thankful For …

How Jesus saved me and how his Holy Spirit comforts and guides me.

Betty’s constant love, support, encouragement, and laughing at my stupid comments.

Wade Daniel, Marie, Juliet, Leah, Chris, Javier, Destini, Za’Kyrah, and Javier, Jr. Blessings all.

Our wonderful Golden Retriever, Jessie, who brings us joy, fun, exercise, goofiness, and lots of hair on our rug.

Our Faith Church family, the Elders with whom I serve, the Pastor staff, especially our lead pastor, Mike, who is an excellent Bible teacher, and a good friend.

Our neighbors, especially our very special neighbor Susan who is always there for us and has a great Golden Retriever, Chance. He and Jessie are great friends.

My sister, Jane, with whom I fought when I was her bratty little brother and who is now a great friend. Also, her sons, Kelly and Gary, and Kelly’s son Jory, who surprisingly asked Betty to play with his super powerful and expensive remote-controlled race car.

My extended family on both sides. They are too numerous to list and, if I tried, I’m sure I would leave someone out. Great friends, many of whom are also brothers and sisters in Christ. Plus, the ones who are big Tennessee Volunteer fans. Go Vols!

Wow! There is so much in my life for which I am grateful, thankful and blessed. It all certainly outweighs the sucky things that sometimes happen.

I hope everyone who reads this has a blessed and joy-filled Thanksgiving with family and/or friends and lots of good things to eat.

3 Comments on “I’m Thankful For …

  1. All day, this season, all the blessings run through our mind. If we are fortunate to be blessed in ways or many ways….and we are both! Btw my eye is better, and no inj. This last visit. And they gave me form to get drivers license as both eyes togetogether meet the requirement. Another big blessing. And now we have the holy days of advent and Christmas. Lovely dinner with neighbors for our celebration yesterday. Take care of selves. Miss all. Love, Noel



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