Jessie’s Having A Sleepover

Our great neighbor, Susan, has often kept Jessie for us when we were gone. Jessie loves Susan and her Golden, Chance. We’re having the opportunity to do the same for Susan who’s visiting friends in San Diego.

Chance came over Wednesday afternoon and will be with us until Monday afternoon. His first afternoon with us was exciting for him in a new place. You can see that in this picture with Betty who is dying laughing.

The first night was also fun as he and Jessie shared the bed with me for a little while. Ultimately, Chance slept most of the night in his bed which Susan brought with her when she dropped Chance off.

Chance and Jessie early Thursday morning as we went out to greet the dawn.

Also on early Thursday morning, they worked off a lot of energy which is very helpful for the rest of they day.

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