How To Please God

When you love someone, you want to please him or her. As a Christ follower, I love God want to please Him, but how do I do that? God’s love letter to us provides some answers to that question.

FAITH “But without faith it is impossible to please Him, for he who comes to God must believe that He is and that He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him” (Hebrews 11:6). Answer number one is we must have faith in God – belief in God and believing He will do what He says He will do – if we are to please Him.

SPIRITUAL MINDEDNESS “For to be carnally minded is death, but to be spiritually minded is life and peace. Because the carnal mind is enmity against God; for it is not subject to the law of God, nor indeed can be. So then, those who are in the flesh cannot please God” (Romans 8:6-8). Answer number two is to be spiritually minded. Thus having the Holy Spirit dwelling in us and leading us is another prerequisite for pleasing God.

FEAR OF THE LORD “The LORD takes pleasure in those who fear Him, in those who hope in His mercy.” (Psalm 147:11) The third answer is the Bible tells us to fear God, not because it is good for Him, but because it is good for us to accurately recognize that He is more powerful than anything else. Acknowledging this shows our deep respect for Him.

STUDY JESUS “This is My beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased. Hear Him!” (Matthew 17:5) Jesus said He always did “those things that please Him” (John 8:29), so the fourth answer is we should study the four Gospels to learn how we, too, can please God.

OBEDIENCE “Has the LORD as great delight in burnt offerings and sacrifices, as in obeying the voice of the LORD? Behold, to obey is better than sacrifice” (1 Samuel 15:22) The fifth answer tells us His laws and commands are beneficial; and as a result of obeying Him, we grow in godly, righteous character—we become more like Him! This is how to please God.

DOING GOD’S WILL “May God make you complete in every good work to do His will, working in you what is well pleasing in His sight, through Jesus Christ, to whom be glory forever and ever. Amen” (Hebrews 13:21). Studying the Bible, meditating on it and praying about it are keys to gaining deeper understanding of His will is the sixth answer.

SACRIFICES OF PRAISE “Therefore by Him let us continually offer the sacrifice of praise to God, that is, the fruit of our lips, giving thanks to His name. But do not forget to do good and to share, for with such sacrifices God is well pleased” (Hebrews 13:15-16) Finally, number seven. There are sacrifices that He is “well pleased” with, including giving praise and thanks to Him and sharing with others. These reflect His teaching on love expressed in the two great commandments that summarize the rest of His law: “‘You shall love the LORD your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind.’ This is the first and great commandment. And the second is like it: ‘You shall love your neighbor as yourself.’ On these two commandments hang all the Law and Prophets” (Matthew 22:37-40).

I wish I could tell you that I’m that spiritually mature to develop these answers all by myself, but that’s not true. It would be plagiarism if I did. The source for most of this material is the web site, ‘Life, Hope and Truth.’ ( Why reinvent the wheel when others, smarter than me, have done the good work.

Have blessed Lord’s Day.

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