In God I Trust

In God We Trust” is the official motto of the United States. It was adopted by the U.S. Congress in 1956, replacing E pluribus unum (“Out of many, one”), which had been the de facto motto since the initial design of the Great Seal of the United States.

 A law passed in July 1955 by a joint resolution of the 84th Congress and approved by President Dwight Eisenhower requires that “In God We Trust” appear on all American currency. Two years later, the phrase was used on paper money for the first time.

The mid-50s were a very different time. This was a popular decision. The general population recognized that God was an important part of our country’s heritage, even if some or many people didn’t have a personal relationship with Him.

In our personal lives, we encounter times where we either trust God or not. That’s been true for me in the last few weeks.

A little over a month ago, my dermatologist removed a melanoma from the small of my back. Because the skin was not clean of cancer cells, she recommended I have a surgeon do an exploratory surgery by taking a larger excision of my skin to make sure the cancer has not spread.

That procedure was done this past Thursday and it went about as well as could be hoped. This was actually the second time this surgeon operated on me. He did a hernia operation back in 2013. He’s a good man and surgeon with a good sense of humor which I appreciate.

More importantly I was able to share my trust and faith in God with him, the preop nurse, the nurse anesthesiologist, the operating room nurses, and the recovery nurse.

We’ll get the biopsy results on Monday or Tuesday and I’ll share those shortly after that.

I’ve learned two things through this. One, I’m not special. Others, including good friends, have battled cancer and there’s no reason I should consider myself exempt. Two, in the midst of something like this, trusting God who is sovereign over all things, including cancer, is the best option we know.

No matter the results, hopefully good, Betty and I continue to put our trust in God.

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