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Betty and I live in Corrales, New Mexico with our Golden Retriever Jessie.

Greetings from Italy

This is our arrival into the port city of La Spezia, Italy.  We were there on our first day of our cruise.  We just got Internet access and I’m catching up on my photos.  There will be more to come.  We’ve also visited Nice, France and Barcelona, Spain.  We had a day at sea today, Saturday, and then we head to Gibraltar.  More to come later when I have time.


Volando a Roma

Thanks to my iPhone translate app, the title, ‘Volando a Roma’, means ‘Flying to Rome.’

Yep, as you read this we’re on an American Airlines flight from Dallas to Rome.  We’re going on a cruise with Betty’s sister, Margie.  We will board our ship, Celebrity Reflection, tomorrow.  Over the following 11 days, we’ll make stops in Italy, France, Spain and Gibraltar, then return to Rome.  Once we’re back in Rome, we’ll spend three nights there to see the city and sights.  During the cruise we will be ‘off the grid,’ as Internet access is way too expensive.  So, we won’t be able to post any pictures from our trip until we get home.  But, then you can expect quite a few for several days… so be prepared.

While we’re gone, be good and stay out of the cookie jar.


Apache Plume

I took this picture of an Apache Plume blooming alongside the road while walking Jessie.  Apache Plume is a native New Mexican plant that grows wild.  We have a couple in our front yard.


The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining us…

We will use this blog as a way to share our activities and photos in the coming days.  There may not be that much activity in the near future as we learn how to use and customize our blog.

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