Bon Voyage

Here’s the first of our cruise posts – this one focusing on our ship, the Celebrity Reflection.  She’s 1,047 feet long, can carry 3,046 passengers with a crew of 1,500.  You can see more ship photos on our Smugmug site:

Beauty in the Commonplace

Any time we went into or out of a port we were always accompanied by seagulls, and we would often see them in the cities.  I’m sure to the locals, they think of them as we think of birds such as crows… very commonplace.  However, once you take a closer look at them you can see the beauty in them that God created.

A New Friend

We’re home, doing a lot of laundry and trying to get our bodies adjusted from Italian time to New Mexico time.  I’m still working on processing our photos from our trip and I hope to have them done by this weekend.  After that I’ll do a series of posts for each of our days on our cruise and time in Rome. In the meantime,…

Roman Coliseum

Sunday morning we took a tour of the Roman Coliseum which is pretty incredible.  As with most of the popular sites, there were thousands of people, but we were able to book a tour that got us in a special entrance so we didn’t have to wait in line as many people and groups did.  We entered the Coliseum through the gladiator gate, where…

Rome the Eternal City

We arrived back in Rome on Friday and had a driver who gave us a driving tour around Rome.  This is a picture of Margie and Betty with the Dome of St. Peter’s Basilica (designed by Michelangelo) in the background.