The Day of Our Life


I know, almost a soap opera title.

As you may know we have some great sunrises and sunsets like the one above.  The sun rises over our mountain, often in majesty and expectation of the new day.  The sun sets over our flat mesa, often in color showing promise of the new day to come tomorrow.

In between the sunrise and sunset, our days can be windy, calm, sunny, hot, cold, rarely rainy or snowy.  No matter the day we have, we always look forward to the sunset and the promise of a new day to come.

As I get older into the late afternoon of my life, approaching sunset, I’m aware that my life has been a lot like our New Mexico days.

When I was born I’m sure my parents celebrated their new son and the expectations they had for my new life.

In between my life has been windy, calm, sunny, hot, cold, more rain and snow than I would like.

Yet, in the approaching sunset of my life I look forward to the incredible sights and colors of heaven and the promise of a new life with my Lord and Savior Jesus.

Nurses Are The Best

Betty and I have spent our fair share of time in the hospital and we have a great respect for the nurses that attended to our needs.  I also have a great respect for most doctors, but I ran across this and in our experience it’s very true.


Dog Play With a Twist

One of our neighbors, Eva, brought two of her dogs to our back for a play date with Jessie Sunday afternoon.  Without the horses, our back is a big dog park.

Her two dogs are Frank and Frodo.  She’s only had Frodo for a few months now and he’s about 7 months old.  He came from a rescue place called ‘Tootsie’s Vision.’  Frodo is blind and has been from birth.  ‘Tootsie’s Vision’ rescues and tries to place blind dogs.  When you watch Frodo play you would never know he’s blind.  He’s amazing.  Here are a few pictures.

Playing With Jessie
I guess this is what a blind dog does when he’s surprised from behind

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