God’s Creation

In the midst of all that’s going on in the world and in our lives, it’s helpful for me to refocus on God’s creations… particularly this Sandhill Crane feeding not that far from our house.

Covid Update

I’m still in the isolation period from my positive test result. Theoretically, I will be out of isolation after today, but I plan to be careful as I still have some cold symptoms. Worst of all, I’ve lost a good part of my senses of taste and smell. Betty made my favorite tortilla pizza yesterday for lunch that included lots of pepperoni, onions, and…

Flying Saucer Cloud

New Mexico is the only place we have ever lived where we could see ‘flying saucer clouds,’ sometimes called ‘shelf clouds,’ and officially known as Lenticular clouds.

First Monday

I thought I would start our first Monday Humor of 2021 on a positive note… But, since we’re starting 2021 with that pesky virus… You may have to stop to think about this one… I’ll let my brother-in-law and sister-in-law who live in Santa Rosa, FL answer this one… This one’s for you Jerre Ann… This next one is not meant to be funny,…

Good News SUnday

It’s odd to say that a positive COVID test is good news, but that’s true for me. A week ago today, I started to come down with a head cold. Monday morning, we heard that one of our pastors at church had tested positive for COVID and all he had was a cold. So, to be safe, I decided to schedule a test for…