Snow Day

We’re having a snow day — about 1.5 inches of wet snow. My Dad used to call wet snows like this a ‘loblolly snow.’

Jessie has been out several times to play in the snow. As she’s sitting with us she’s looking out at the snow, probably wanting to go out one more time.

Winter Joy

One of the joys of our New Mexico winters is our resident Sandhill Cranes. We have about two dozen who spend their winters here before heading back North during late February through middle March.

Here’s a short video of how graceful they are. This particular bunch weren’t very vocal so there’s no sound of their unique sqwawking.

LSU – 42, Clemson – 25

When the game first started, I thought Clemson might be too much for LSU.

Boy, was I wrong.

LSU is one of the most complete teams I’ve seen in a long time and Joe Burrows is clearly one of the best… and clearly deserves the Heisman Trophy award.

They say he should be the first pick in the NFL draft. Since my Cincinnati Bengals were the worst team this year, Joe should be the Bengals quarterback next year.

Go Tigers!

Old Age

Betty and I went to see Jumanji 2 this past Wednesday. We really enjoyed it and it’s as good as the first. Pure entertainment, but with a good story of friendship and growth.

One of the characters played by Danny Devito said something at the end of the movie that made me think.

He said, “Old age is a gift.”

I’m 74 and I think that qualifies as old age. Is old age a gift?

It depends on your perspective. If I only look at my present circumstances, I’m not sure I would say, “Old age is a gift.”

My left knee, left hip and left elbow all hurt due to arthritis. I don’t have the endurance or balance I used to have. My opthamologist says that my eyesight is beginning to show the slight beginnings of macular degeneration. My muscle strength is much less than it used to be.

So, old age is not a gift if my focus is just on the present.

However, when I look at my life as a whole, then, yes, my old age is a gift.

I have lived a life that has truly been a gift. The ups and downs. The joys and the sadnesses. The healthy years and the years that haven’t been so healthy. My good decisions and my mistakes. All of this and more has made me who I am in my old age.

The two most important things that make my old age a gift are (1) I have been blessed to have Betty as my companion throughout this journey, and (2) I accepted Jesus’ gift to be my Lord and Savior during the second half of my life.

My life has been an adventure and my old age is a gift because of those two gifts – Betty and Jesus.

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