Does God answer prayers?

The answer is yes, just not the way we expect or want.

WAIT – Some times God’s answer is wait. Wait while He does other things around us, in us and through us, to create circumstances that advance His Kingdom purpose.

NO – I hate this answer. Yet, I’ve learned that when God says no, He always has a good purpose in mind. I learned a little about this answer by recalling my experience as a father to two sons. There were plenty of times when Betty and I had to say no to Wade Daniel and Chris. Most times they weren’t happy with our answer, but we had a perspective they didn’t have when they were small and we knew no was the best answer. When God says no, we have to trust He has a perspective we don’t have and there’s a good reason for His no.

YES – Yay! The answer we love to get. However, I’ve learned that His yes may come for different reasons than I have for making a specific request. No matter what I desire, His yes answer is always to further His Kingdom purpose.

So, God does answer prayers. And His answers always have a good purpose behind them and they come from a perspective that we can’t possibly see or even understand most of the time.

The important thing I’ve learned after all these years is God always hears my prayers and He always answers.

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