photo bomb

As a serious amateur photographer, I’m normally not a fan of when someone or something ‘photo bombs’ a picture you’re trying to take.

However, I think this couple getting married at an aquarium will enjoy having this ‘photo bomb’ in their wedding album.

our fort Collins visit

We had a great visit this past weekend with Wade Daniel, Marie, Juliet, Leah and Luna in Fort Collins, CO. We went to celebrate Leah’s 9th birthday.

Leah loves dinosaurs and sharks, so that was the theme of all her presents.

On Sunday, we went to a Farmers Market to buy some Palisades Peaches. They are a Colorado specialty and are delicious.

After the Farmers Market, we had lunch a Fiona’s, a deli that makes delicious and unusual sandwiches.

And, of course, Jessie and Luna had a great time.

may have to look twice

The artist Raphael did frescoes for the Pope’s quarters in the Vatican at the same time Michaelangelo was doing frescoes in the Sistine Chapel. One Raphael fresco included the philosophers Plato and Aristotle.

We were fortunate to see this fresco when we were in Rome so that’s why I love this joke:

If you don’t get it, picture Plato on the left spinning a basketball on his raised finger and Aristotle on the right dribbling with his outstretched hand.

only in new mexico

We leave the door to our courtyard open so Jessie can go in and out as she needs.

This morning as we were drinking our coffee, we heard a crash in the kitchen. When we went to investigate, we found this.

Yep, a mature Roadrunner decided to pay us a visit. And after engaging with Jessie, he went from our kitchen, right past us, into our bedroom where he found refuge in our bath tub.

Now, here’s the rest of the story and unfortunately we don’t have any video.

I tried to use a bath towel to cover him in the tub, hoping to grab him. But, when I moved toward him he flew up onto Betty’s counter in the corner. I thought with him ‘cornered’ I might be able to grab him.

When I reached toward him he flew up and landed on my upper arm just above my elbow. Holding my arm out, he sat right there on my arm about a foot from my face.

I turned to walk back toward our living room with him sitting on my outstretched arm. I expected him to fly off, but at least he would most likely fly toward the living room where we had both doors open to the courtyard.

But he didn’t. He sat there on my arm quite calmly. I talked quietly to him as I walked and he chirped back to me. All the way to the living room I expected him to fly off my arm… but he didn’t.

Finally, I got to the first door to the courtyard and, as I stepped through it to the outside, he finally flew off and went over our courtyard wall.

A fun morning and only in New Mexico.


We have lots of coyotes that live around us. So, when I ran across the two items below, I had to share them.

Now we know how it all started…

You got to love the Idaho Fish and Game folks…


Jessie’s nap time is in the afternoon. She sometimes sleeps on our rug and often on the cooler tile floor. However, at least once each afternoon, she will take my place on the couch when I get up to do something. She’s always too cute to ask her to move.

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